Young Leaders Program

Wed Oct 9, 9:30 AM - Thu Oct 10, 4:00 PM (EDT)
OMIA Office, 350 Pinebush Road, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada  

In the spirit of mutual co-operation, OMIA is pleased to announce the inaugural session of our Young Mutual Leaders Program. This two-day session is aimed at individuals under the age of 35 who are near the outset of their mutual leadership journey. The focus of the program is personal and leadership development and instilling mutual values. Through the Young Mutual Leaders Program, we also aim to create a peer network for young leaders to draw support and insight throughout their mutual career. This is your chance to proactively invest in our next generation of leadership.

Participants in this two-day program will be equipped with the methods and mindset needed to future-proof their careers, adapt to change and improve their personal effectiveness along the way.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Deepening self-awareness on one’s unique strengths and leadership philosophies
  • An introduction to a new paradigm of self-leadership: becoming the CEO of your own career and performance
  • Proven practices to improve personal effectiveness at work and avoid burnout
  • Developing skills of emotional intelligence to improve leadership capabilities and effectiveness
  • Create a community of practice of Young Leaders to stay accountable and focused on their pathway to leadership

This program will be delivered by Dave Inglis, CEO Digital Trades School.

We look forward to seeing your company represented.

Registration Fee:

Total In Class: $636.10 ($562.92 + $73.18 HST)

Please Note:

  1. A 5% administration charge will be added to registration fee if the registration form is not received before the seminar date.
  2. Arrangements for accommodations, breakfasts and suppers must be made by the company or the participant.
  3. The registration fee covers two days of meeting materials and lunches for in-person attendees.
  4. During this seminar, your photograph may be taken for inclusion in trade or promotional materials.
  5. The training rooms are equipped with a Voice Lift system. When active, conversations will carry throughout the rooms.
  6. Registration fee includes $14 for lunch per day. Please keep a copy for income tax purposes. Lunch fee is non-refundable unless cancellation is received two working days before the seminar.
OMIA Office, 350 Pinebush Road, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada