Innovation in a Box

Tue Aug 20, 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)
OMIA Office, 350 Pinebush Road, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada  

Innovation in a Box™ is designed for individuals and organizations who are tired of talking about innovation theory and are ready to encourage a culture of innovation where people are innovating across an organization – regardless of their role. This session is appropriate for individuals from any discipline.

This program is an approach that equips people with a structured process and the practical tools needed to generate breakthrough solutions to everyday challenges.

Each participant will leave with a set of tools they can use to enable the 5 stages of innovation at work. The tools will help people:

  • Get clear on the opportunity they are working on
  • Understand the challenges/opportunities deeply
  • Brainstorm effectively
  • Decide on the best ideas to move forward
  • Prepare prototypes, experiments and a strategic game plan to make their idea real

This session will be delivered by Cheryl Haskett, VP Design & Delivery at Juice Inc.

Register early, class size is limited!

We look forward to seeing your company represented.

OMIA Office, 350 Pinebush Road, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada